The History of the chapel

On 15th November 1965 a small group of Christians, members of Brethren Assemblies in Liverpool but living in Maghull, met at the Knipe's house to discuss the planting of a "New Testament Church" nearer their homes.  Eventually this growing group of believers left their home assemblies and on 10th April 1966  began to Break Bread together in Stan and Elsie Lake's home. 

The Maghull Chapel Trust was formed on 2nd May 1966 and 6th November 1966 a Sunday School was established in NorthwayPrimary School (with 93 children on the first Sunday).  Nearly 3 years later on 2nd March 1969 the first communion services started in the same location and the first family service was on 6th April 1969.  A year later on 19th April 1970 we began Covenanters (for 12-19 year olds) and there was a big youth group mainly of sixth formers who called themselves "Group 4".

After much prayer there was a hunt for land and eventually in 1972 land was purchased and in 1974 they started to build. The Lord sent to the Fellowship people with building qualifications and building skills and some with just muscle.  Each weeknight and all day Saturday, weather and light permitting (and with the exception of prayer meeting night) they laboured, often in deep mud, for 39 months turning the land into a good modern building.  They called the building Maghull Chapel.  It  was completed in 1978, allowing us to have our first Communion Service on 26 March, followed by a full-range of services on 2 April '78.

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Our Vision

To be a loving Christian community, honouring God, serving our neighbourhood and sharing our faith.

About Maghull Chapel

If you’re new, we hope you receive a really warm welcome in our church. In this section you’ll find out about what we believe, where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and how you can find your fit in the Maghull Chapel family. Enjoy!
Welcome to Maghull Chapel!

Honouring God, Serving our Community, Sharing our Faith



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